Keeping Busy But Not Focused

As I sat around my house all day today trying to upload some products for MommaDJane and work on researching my brilliant idea of starting my own Virtual Assistant business I realized I have been really busy but not “focused”. You know what I mean when you work your butt off all day long just to find out what you had been doing really was not your original focus for the day. You accomplished a lot of little pieces of various projects, but did not finish one project completely.

This is where I find myself, a lot of little parts of big projects but nothing fully complete. It frustrates me, I have such wonderful ideas but fear if I focus on ONE I will neglect the other, instead I work on both through out the day in hopes someday they both will be finished.

I wonder which way is best, to work little bit here and there or to put your all into a project from beginning to end? With that question in mind I have created a poll for you, please vote then please leave a comment, I am curious how many of you find yourself in a similar situation as me, busy but not really focused.

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