New Year Appetizers

As we near New Year’s Eve I wonder what will you be eating this evening while celebrating the start of a New Year and a New Decade? I shall be home with my children and my husband celebrating right here while we watch the ball drop on Times Square via ABC on the east coast. Here are some quick snack ideas for your evening of celebration:

Veggie Sticksreally simple & fast snack; just cut up some carrots, celery, cauliflower, and broccoli and lay on a platter with a bowl in the center filled with Ranch Dressing.

Graham Crackers w/Peanut Butter - this is good for the kids, I don’t really care for it; just take some graham crackers and snap them off into the small size rectangles add peanut butter to them and stick 2 small rectangles together to make a PB & Graham Cracker “sandwich”.

Shrimp – easy and fast to serve. My daughter and I love anything with Shrimp in it.

Chips ‘n Salsa w/Melted Velveeta Cheese – hello waste of a good week of working out, but this snack is so delicious! Simply take a block of Velveeta cheese and melt it either on top of your chips or in a bowl, then pour your favorite salsa into a bowl or on top of your tortilla chips and eat up with the cheese! Be prepared to sulk after when you realize how many calories you just ate up!

Those are just a few of my fave snack ideas, what are yours? Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve my friends, until 2010 …

Make it a Happy Day!

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Random Notes With A Point

One thing I know for sure is that it is usually a lot easier to focus on what irritates us during our long days at home or at work. I used to be one that focused on all that plagued me during the day and I was also a very angry girl who’s  self esteem was profoundly low. One day I woke up and was determined to think more positive and move forward towards a better life with a new beginning. I couldn’t ever have met that lovely day without my past, so I shall leave it there, but this day in my life created a beneficial future for myself and anyone who graced my presence.

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2010 Blog Resolutions

Here we are nearing the New Year 2010, what do you have for blog resolutions? I know many do personal resolutions but here at Happily Blended we want to share with you some fantastic blog resolutions, as we do a blog hop from blog to blog with our goals and resolutions to be a better, bigger and more advanced blogger in 2010 … I look forward to sharing with you not only my blog resolutions but those of my friends at MomDot Forum as well as any others who care to share their Blog Resolutions link below, please check out the links linked up below to read more of my blog friends 2010 blog resolutions!

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Wordless Wednesday: Meet My Dad

Sssshh .. don’t tell anyone but this is my Dad who is about to be … ssshhh …. seriously it’s a big secret …. okay I guess I can tell you all … I trust you …. my Dad is going to be Photo Blogger on his own personal blog, coming to a blog near you January 1, 2010.


Why u taking my pic?

Why u taking my pic?

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Kidorable Review and Giveaway **CLOSED**

KidorableHave you heard of Kidorable? They have the cutest items ever! No matter what your child loves from ladybugs to bees and frogs too you are certain to find a print that goes well on knitted hats, umbrellas, shirts and more at Kidorable! I fell in love with Kidorable products after seeing them on another blog as a giveaway item and upon visiting their website I grew to love their products even more.

We talked on Twitter and eventually I was offered a chance to work with this fabulous company, and today I am happy to share not only my opinion on the quality and cute factor of their products but to offer one lucky reader a chance to win a Kidorable umbrella of their choice in design!

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