I Have Decided

My decision is to pursue my love for writing and helping others. I hope to incorporate both into a new blog. I also hope that someday the blog will bring me in some money. Whether it be by meeting new customers for my home business, new team members, or just by having gadgets or doing product reviews; I hope that my new blogging idea will bring in extra income. I don’t plan on getting rich quick, because I believe in working for your earnings.

If you truly believe in people, what you do for a living and helping others YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL. I personally believe that no matter what, you need to be yourself. As long as you are true to who you are and an honest person good things will come to you!

I am wishing you success in all your 2009 endeavors and if you need anything you know where to find me!

Brandy Tanner

My New Blog

Have you ever read Dear Abby or similar columns in your local newspaper? Well I have created something called “Ask Brandy” it’s a blog that works very similar to those newspaper columns and I even offer a mailed and/or emailed version of my monthly newsletter that will include all monthly column postings.

Blog URL: http://askbrandyellen.blogspot.com/

You are able to remain anonymous in my column or can post your first name only, it’s completely up to you. I have started this column as a way to help others in any area they would like advice on.

I also accept donations as you can see on my blog page, which will help offset those costs I put forth towards my monthly mailed and emailed newsletters as well as any other office tasks requiring money to keep my column updated and top of the line.

Again my blog URL is: http://askbrandyellen.blogspot.com/

I hope you will come to me whether anonymously or not with life situations that you may need a listener for. I promise to keep an open mind and lend specific advice pertaining to your request. There is a request form on my blog page where you can send me your questions.

Looking forward to helping you and your friends! Remember to forward this along to anyone you know who may be interested!

Brandy Tanner

New Year, New Goals

New Year 2009 is just around the corner and as a WAHM I have to set some new goals in place to get started in the right direction with business.

I have decided to start a new blog that I am keeping secret until it’s started, currently searching for a way to do a 3 column blog so that I can have banners and other items that will require me to have the 3 columns allowing for more space, so if you have tips and tricks on doing 3 column layouts with blogger for free please let me know!

I will be putting an ad in my local paper to search for local interest in hosting home parties and/or catalog parties. I am hoping to do at least 3 home parties a month and in turn creating a higher local interest in Gold Canyon.

I already have a customer appreciation card in affect where starting January 1, 2009 any customer who buys 7 items of any price will get an 8th item FREE of $15 or under in value of their choice.

I am thinking about having a candle drawing every month, another free way to get the products out to interested people who may wish to try Gold Canyon before purchasing. I know candles are a tough item, most wish to try before they commit to buying so having a free monthly candle drawing may work.

I am also looking forward to focusing my main part of the day on my college work, as I had lost focus and need to gain focus on that. Without my bachelors degree I can not pursue my real life dream of being an accountant, so that needs to be first on my list of goals this new year!

I am looking forward to meeting new people and forming new online friendships this new year.

What are you planning for the new year? Do you have any goals or ideas in place?

Wishing you successful New Year,

Only THREE Days Left!!

There are only THREE more days left to start your career at Gold Canyon for a lower price. Our demonstrator kit is on sale for only $99 and our sampler kit is on sale for only $49 BUT this sale ends on December 31, 2008. So if you are interested in starting your career with Gold Canyon today, please contact me before this offer is over!

Why join me at Gold Canyon? You should join ME at Gold Canyon because I provide you with 100% support, you also get support from our other team members in our Yahoo Group. We all work together to help each other to be successful!

You will also get your website FREE for 90 days!! Isn’t that wonderful? Now adays it is so wonderful to have an online website where customers can shop from the comfort of their own home. People tend to enjoy shopping in their PJ’s at home, they don’t have to get up and get dressed, warm up their vehicle and go deal with a packed store! It’s just a great convienence to have an online website where customers can shop at their leisure 24 hours a day 7 days week!

So what are you waiting for? Contact me today so I can help you get started!

To your success,

First Post With Laptop

Good Morning!

Today is Sunday and after fighting with my new laptop for now two days we finally have it connected to wireless. Apparently Vista is not playing nice with my wireless card but we finally got connected and now I get to be attached to the internet more so than I was before..uh oh!!

Anyways – Christmas went good, my daughter is apparently now old enough to see that Santa did not bring her as many presents as he did last year, and mentioned that first thing in the morning. We had a good morning Christmas day though, and she was happy that Santa brought her a brand new dress with a matching pocket book and she was thankful for what she did get. Our son who is now 2 years old was really fun this year, he was so excited to open all his presents and even attempted to open everyone elses presents too. When we informed him all presents were done, he said “awwww”. So cute!

Our baby slept thru present opening, as he is the only child who actually LOVES to sleep in and since we had a LONG day ahead of us going to the MIL’s, we thought we would let him sleep.

I got my laptop so this is my FIRST post using my laptop that is FINALLY hooked up to our wireless home network and internet! YAY! I also got a diamond ring, as my husband never gave me an engagement ring, we just knew we were ready to be married after almost a year together and felt our money should go towards our small wedding and wedding bands. I was not worried about having an engagement ring, as most of my friends and family know, I am not a very materialistic person and am thankful for the love I have here with my husband and children which is something no material item can replace.

Well I have some great new ideas for another blog — details will follow as soon as I have the new blog up. Also great ideas going forward for the new year and my businesses, I can not wait to get moving foward in the new year with new goals and new friends!

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!

Brandy Tanner

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